(October thru April)

A good time to come and enjoy Bali's waves and beach's without the crowds is October thru April. Bali offers perfect waves, warm water, offshore winds, and sun all year round!!


Bali has been known for it's Dry Season (May thru September) to most surfers but has been getting almost too popular. Over the years of taking people surfing here in Bali and the others Islands around has been starting to get over crowded but still better then most other places in the world that offers perfect surf!!


Bali's Wet season or Off season as some people call it should be called the Going Off Season. The winds switch around mid October and become onshore on the West side, Uluwatu, Kuta Reef, Padang Padang, Bingin, (all left handers) and all the beach breaks.

Wet season wave in Bali, Indonesia.


However the other side of the Island (East side) is offshore and going off!!! Unlike the West side, mostly left-handers, Bali offers some of the best right-hand breaks in the world I think and most of our friends would say the same. They only come here in the wet season to avoid the Dry season crowds and they know that they can get a wave almost everyday. Sometimes in the Dry season it can be flat for a week or more but since I have lived here for over five years there is always a wave on the East side. Always at least 2 to 3 ft waves ( backs) at Nusa Dua and when it gets bigger (6 to 10ft) it's like Hawaii's Sunset Beach except longer rides. If it is too big for your level or wants then there are many other really good and perfect barrels to be had down the coast that will be half the size.


We can take you to these spots: Nusa Dua, Mushroom Rock, Sir Lanka, Turtle Island, Tanjung Sari, Hyatt Reef, Sanur Reef (my favorite), Keramas, Ketewel and many more secret beach breaks. I will surf with you and explain each different break.

Bali right hander wave on wet season.


So if you want to surf Bali's Right-handers and without the crowds then this is the time to come. The Going Off Season!!!!!!

A surfer rides a wave in Bali, Indonesia.


• Daily pick up each morning early in our Surf Van

• Surf Guide with up-to-date swell info to score the day's best waves

• Bottled water, Banana bread, and chocolate bar

• Includes all boat trips to the Outer Reefs

• Airport pick up


Daily rates $ 75.00 (6 Hours)


4 days pass $ 280.00


7 days pass $ 449.00


Discounts for 2 people or more


Please email us if you have any questions and I would be happy to answer them.



Leo Walsh



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